Friday 21 June 2013

Using Me Books

We have been using a new app in Guided Reading called Me Books!
We spent some time recording our own version of the story and recording sound effects!

Our teachers love it, because we are able to access some really exciting and interesting books and the illustrations and narration are brilliant!
Here is a short video from our Digital Leaders!
This is what some of us thought!


  1. Me Books is a great way for kids to read and learn. It allows you to change the voice of the characters.

    Kendrah and Shanah-Leigh

  2. Me Books is a great app that allows you to change voices on books and have lots of fun
    reading books.


  3. what I think of this app is that is good for little children so they can learn how to read.

    Try it your self is a perfect app for your children to learn how to read.

    By Hector

  4. Me Books is a fantastic app that children love. You can do more things then just reading like buying you favourite books and change their voices
    by Meril

  5. me book is a good way for little kids to learn
    how to read and its not all about reading you can change the sounds of your favourite characters

  6. Thanks Digital Leaders! You worked really hard on these reviews - and you can now share another app with the teachers! Next week - more Puppet Pals in Reception Classes!