Wednesday 17 July 2013

Interview with Me Books creator!

This week we had a special guest at De Beauvoir!! We interviewed the creator of Me Books James Huggins!

His company is called Made in Me and we asked him some questions:

What inspired you ? How did you get the idea?

I love comics and I love picture books! I have two small children and because we
love reading, and love changing books (reading the same books over and over
again gets boring) so we  decided to make an app which allows you to change the
story  and play with  it a little bit.

We are working on some other apps at the minute-new ones where you can
change the story. We wanted  Me Books  to look exactly like the books.

James had a look round the school and watched a class using the Me Books app, we asked if he enjoyed his visit...
There's nothing like being able to come and see the app being used in schools.
we work in an office so it is great to see it being used in schools

How long ago did you have this idea?

probably about two years ago. I took around 18 months
to make the app workable.

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