Thursday 9 May 2013

Website Testing!

This week our teacher asked us to test some websites which are designed to help children learn about being safe on the internet. We will add to these over the course of the week....

Here is what we thought about Surf Swell Island!

I think its for around Yr 2 and Yr 3 because it has characters from Mickey Mouse and it also teaches you about internet safety.I think it is suitable to play this in school and at home.
By Donnell

I also enjoyed this game because I like Micky Mouse and it teachers you about internet safety, which is useful. By Micael

This website is good for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 because it's a good game for everyone to play. I learnt that some websites help children.

By Guney

Here is what we thought about Webonauts

I think that this game would be good for Year 2 and 3 because this game is fun! It talks about respect and contribution. I enjoyed it, and I learnt that you should always be careful when online. 

by Kendrah

Have you found any useful websites?

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